Eezi-Awn Buddy

K9 Fridge Buddy and K9 Jumbo Buddy are a unique custom designed, engineered and manufactured, simple to use Push-Pull gas strut torsion operated Fridge Sliders.

The Step- Down and Step-Up mechanism allows for Eezi access to the fridge. The attached rotating draw handle is fixed out of the way when the fridge is open or whilst travelling – it is locked in position.

Includes Fridge tie-down straps.

Available for most fridges 50 litres or less for the Buddy and 90 litres or less for the Jumbo Buddy

Product Enquiry

  • Buddy outside size: 570mm x 800mm
  • Buddy inside size: 430mm x 700mm
  • Jumbo Buddy outside size: 970m x 680mm
  • Jumbo inside size: 840mm x 510mm
  • Supplied with 2 tie-down straps
  • Optional National Luna mounting kit is available