Eezi-Awn SWORD Family Hard Shell Tent

Introducing the Eezi-Awn SWORD Family Hard Shell Tent, a groundbreaking rooftop tent designed with aerodynamics in mind. Crafted with precision at the Eezi-Awn facility in South Africa, this tent showcases over 38 years of expertise in the industry.

With a focus on functionality and sleek design, the Sword offers ample space for two adults and two children. Its innovative one-piece hinge mechanism ensures easy assembly, while gas struts effortlessly set up the tent in seconds. Convenient features include an integrated ladder for quick access, internal LED lighting, dual storage pockets, a USB port, and a plush 70mm high-density laminated mattress.

Additionally, the tent is equipped with our K9 1m track system, allowing for the attachment of K9 accessories, load bars, or a solar panel bracket. As with all Eezi-Awn products, durability is paramount, ensuring longevity and reliability for your outdoor adventures.

Product Enquiry

Size Closed 2200(L) x 1450 (w) x 260(H) at the front x 380(H) at the back Bed size 2000 (L) x 1900(W)
Shell color: Black.
Fabric: Green, Grey or Beige.
Weight: 100kg