Hard Shell Cover Tents

Hard Shell Cover Tents – Since its inception 36 years ago the name Eezi-Awn has long been synonymous with quality Hard Shell Cover Tents, Retractable Awnings, Fridge Sliders, Roofracks and accessories. Eezi-Awns dedication to exceptional service is evident in all the equipment we produce, sell locally and export to many countries around the world.

All EEZI AWN products are tested for two years in the harshest conditions in Africa before they are launched worldwide and our Hard Shell tents have been no different after launching our Stealth tent in 2016 the Blade and Sword followed suit. Like all our products these tents are built from the finest materials available to us.

So if you are looking for a Hardshell Roof tent to go on a serious expedition, weekend getaway or just love the outdoors one of these hard-shell Roof tents should be on your bucket list.

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