Eezi-Awn Galaxy

Designed to revolutionize the way outdoor enthusiasts experience camping, the GALAXY Rooftop Tent offers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and versatility.

The GALAXY tent is a revolutionary take on soft shell tents. Thanks to its gas strut mechanism, opening and closing this tent is a breeze, taking less than 40 seconds. Weighing a mere 45kgs and featuring its own aluminium rack system, the Galaxy is designed for effortless portability.

Crafted from durable 260GSM ripstop canvas, this tent boasts two large windows on each side and clear PVC in the roof for optimal star gazing experiences. Complete with a 70mm laminated high-density mattress, flysheet, two storage pockets on each side, and an aluminium extruded ladder, it offers both comfort and convenience.

Its innovative design enables easy installation or detachment with just two people, making it adaptable to any vehicle. When on the move, the tent folds down to a compact size of 210cm x 140 cm x 16cm and is safeguarded by a PVC cover, ensuring hassle-free transportation and storage.

Like all our Eezi-Awn products, they are built to last and to be past down to future generations.

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Size closed: 210cm x 140 cm x 16cm Weight: 45kg